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It is once again up to American markswoman Kate Rees to take the shot that just might win—or lose—World War II, in the followup to national bestseller Three Hours in Paris.

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Kate Rees is back for another pulse-pounding mission.

Night Flight to Paris | Cara Black | Soho Crime

Available now in hardcover, ebook, & audiobook

About the book

October 1942: it’s been two years since Kate Rees was sent to Paris on a British Secret Service mission to assassinate Hitler. Since then, she has left spycraft behind to take a training job as a sharpshooting instructor in the Scottish Highlands. But her quiet life is violently disrupted when Colonel Stepney, her former handler, drags her back into the fray for a risky three-pronged mission in Paris.

Each task is more dangerous than the next: Deliver a package of forbidden biological material. Assassinate a high-ranking German operative whose knowledge of invasion plans could turn the tide of the war against the Allies. Rescue a British agent who once saved Kate’s life—and get out.

Kate will encounter sheiks and spies, poets and partisans, as she races to keep up with the constantly shifting nature of her assignment, showing every ounce of her Oregonian grit in the process.


“A taut, smart, heart-in-throat page turner worthy of the most discerning

reader of John le Carre, Daniel Silva or Alan Furst—brava!”

—Pam Jenoff, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Girls of Paris


In June of 1940, when Paris fell to the Nazis, Hitler spent a total of three hours in the City of Light—abruptly leaving, never to return. To this day, no one knows why.

The New York Times bestselling author of the Aimée Leduc investigations reimagines history in her masterful, pulse-pounding spy thriller, Three Hours in Paris.

Now available in paperback & ebook

Three Hours in Paris | Cara Black | Soho Crime

Available now in paperback, hardcover, ebook, & audiobook

Praise for Three Hours in Paris

A National Bestseller
Wall Street Journal 
Best Mystery
Washington Post Best Thriller and Mystery Book
Seattle Times Best Crime Novel
An ABA Indie Next Pick
An Amazon Best of the Month Pick

“Heart-racing . . . Three Hours in Paris isn’t just any old formulaic 'Get out!' tale. It’s mystery master Cara Black’s first standalone novel, a spy story set during World War II in Occupied Paris. The premise is that an American female sharpshooter is parachuted into France to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Of course, she fails. Using wits alone, she must evade the Gestapo and make it back across the English Channel. Chances of success? Slim to none. Chances that you’ll be able to put Black’s thriller down once you’ve picked it up? Also slim to none.”
—The Washington Post

“Beyond Black’s encyclopedic knowledge of Paris, her deft interweaving of WWII history and spycraft with a relatable female protagonist puts Three Hours in Paris on par with other top thrillers about botched missions followed by harrowing escapes—such masterworks as Frederick Forsythe’s The Day of the Jackal, Jack Higgins’ The Eagle Has Landed and Tom Clancy’s Patriot Games.”
—The Los Angeles Times 

“Ms. Black (also the author of a long-running series of detective novels featuring Parisian investigator Aimée Leduc) excels at setting vivid scenes, creating lively characters and maintaining pulse-elevating suspense. Three Hours in Paris, with its timetable structure and its hunt for a covert operative, recalls such comparable works as Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal and Ken Follett’s Eye of the Needle.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“As the author of 19 murder mysteries set in Paris, Black knows the city’s hidden squares and winding alleys. The wartime city and its grim undercurrent of fear are evocatively portrayed . . . Three Hours in Paris is reminiscent of Alan Furst at his best.”
—Financial Times

“An evocative depiction of wartime Paris and a lead you can’t help rooting for . . . If you’re seeking old-fashioned escapism, this has it in spades.”
—The Times (UK) 

A conversation with cara black

Read our interview with New York Times bestselling author Cara Black about the inspiration for her WWII spy thriller Three Hours in Paris, and more.

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